Erawan Brand Glutinous Rice Flour

Use this Erawan Brand Glutinous Rice Flour, 16 oz for your cooking and baking needs. This flour is known to be able to withstand both refrigeration and freezing without having a breakdown of the product. This means that it will last longer and taste better, even after you subject it to cold temperatures. This Erawan brand rice flour is powdery and white and is unparalleled in absorption. The chewy and elastic quality of the dough makes it a popular base for the creation of pastries and sweets throughout Asia. This is because the flour can withstand heat and humidity that is common throughout the Southeast, and it can also stand through the bitter cold that can be found in the Northwest.   This gluten-free rice flour is excellent for those who have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. It is imported from Thailand and can be used to make many different items. Create homemade loaves of bread or even sweet treats with this Erawan Brand Glutinous Rice Flour, 16 oz.

Glutinous Rice Flour, 16 oz:

  • Glutinous rice flour does not contain dietary gluten (glutenin and gliadin)
  • Imported from Thailand
  • 16-oz (1-lb) bag
  • Guaranteed fresh
  • Erawan brand rice flour can be used to create many different dishes

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